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Sri Property Developers are based at Kalpathy in Palakkad. Started in the year of 2000, we have been successfully engaged in real estate field. It is promoted and managed by a group of young and dedicated technocrats and professionals.  The company its having its registered office at Kalpathy, Palakkad.    

Now the Company has embarked into construction of residential flats and has already commenced a project in the heart of Kalpathy.  This maiden project is for construction of 17 flats of different sizes suiting the needs of prospective owners.  Considering the tremendous response and also the demands on hand, we propose to commence more projects very shortly in Palakkad particularly around Kalpathy.

Kalpathy’s history dates back to centuries.  It is situated on the southern banks of the holy river ‘Nila’, a tributary of Bharathapuzha.  Like the Lord Shiva Temple on the banks of Ganges, Lord Visalakshi Sametha Viswanatha Swamy temple on the banks of Nila prompted the old saying Kasiyil Pathi Kalpathi.  The Kalpathi village, well known for its agraharams dwelled by Tamil Brahmins, is situated around Viswanatha Swamy temple.  The world famous Kalpathi Car Festival is celebrated in these villages during November.  The rituals in the temples and the household are in Tamil style.  Consider its tradition and its rich heritage, Kalpathy  has been identified by UNESCO as "HERITAGE VILLAGE".

All the residents of Kalpathy and surrounding areas, takes much pride for being able to live in the village.  Similarly those who had to leave the place for some other reasons have very pleasant and nostalgic memories about the place and their days here.  Whenever possible they make it a point to visit Kalpathy at least once in a year.
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